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Shanghai Cribsolution Industrial Corporation.,?Ltd.

Cribsolution (Shanghai) industrial Corporation., Ltd. is a supplier who focus on the butler service of indirect material for Group Corporation. By analyzing customer requirements, integrating resources, building integration service system based on partners’ personalization service. Our partner covered Asia Pacific region. We offer a full range of MRO materials Butler service mainly for the world's top 500 companies and joint venture enterprises. 

Based on the software called Cribsolution, which researched and development by ourselves, we could analysis our customer indirect material data, together with our 10 year experience for 500 fortunes, provide whole solution for excess inventory and unclear SKU items, achieving the target of total purchasing cost down as bellows:

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9 floor,NO.B Building,NO.685 Huaxu Highway,Qingpu District,Shanghai

Tel (+86) 021-61106999

Fax (+86) 021-61106988

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